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HCG ELITE: Lose weight in all the right places, with less effort!
HCG occurs naturally in pregnant women. According to Dr. Simeon’s research, one of its functions is to help the body more easily make use of fat in the body to ensure the developing baby has a steady supply of food. He found many of patients were unsuccessful at shedding weight and theorized that for some reason, their bodies were not making effective use of fat stores.

No matter how much these people dieted, they couldn’t get rid of the fat in certain parts of their bodies. These patients would suffer through diets where they felt weak and constantly hungry, they would lose weight in the wrong places, so instead of becoming slim, they became haggard. They would often gain back the weight as soon as the diet was over.
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Dr. Simeons realized that HCG’s beneficial effects in pregnant women could be applied to the case of weight loss, and help people more easily and effectively shed fat. According to Dr. Simeons:

HCG enables your body to live in your stores more effectively while dieting, giving you energy and making staying on the diet easier and healthier

The HCG ELITE diet recalibrates the body’s ability to consume stubborn fat
HCG keeps working until your body has turned the stubborn fat into energy, helping you achieve your ideal weight
HCG ELITEmers have reported other health benefits including lowering of cholesterol


  • Propriety formula with amino acids ensures lean muscle is retained while fat is burned off
  • All natural formulation, no prescription required
  • Safe alternative often painful HCG injections
  • Stimulates the fat burning mechanism associated with the natural HCG hormone
  • Made and sold in the U.S., safe and secure transaction, 24-hour support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • HCG ELITE is Made of Exceptional Quality

HCG ELITE is manufactured in an FDA approved facility with exceptional quality. There are many brands of HCG drops, but not all HCG drops are a quality brand from a supplier you can trust.

HCG ELITE requires no prescriptions, is safe, all natural, and helps your skin maintain a firm appearance even when you start to lose weight.

We believe in our product and want our clients to lose weight easily and successfully. Order now and receive a complimentary Quick Start Guide explaining the diet and includes free meal plans to help you achieve your goals.

Start feeling leaner, fitter, happier, and more active today!

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